We are a small team who will make sure your tax return is completed correctly and that you don’t pay more tax than you have to

We all do some rideshare driving (10,000+ trips between us) so know the issues involved

Rideshare Consultants | Vincent

Vincent really enjoys driving, but also has an accounting degree and has worked as an accountant for large firms (Ernst & Young, Live Nation etc). He worked as a Tour Accountant in the UK music industry, working on tours for many well-known international bands and singers.  Outside of work he has a passion for Jazz music.

Rideshare Consultants | Deep

Deep is the resident IT guru, and has a background in property and engineering.  He is currently located in Christchurch and enjoys spending time with his family.

Rideshare Consultants | Pav

Hailing from Europe, Pav has worked in the media industry for over ten years and fell into rideshare while reconfiguring his career.  His eagle eyes coupled with business acumen will ensure that not a single cent gets missed and everything balances out in your accounts.

Anyone using our services can expect high quality work done with integrity and honesty

We also have access to high level tax advice which is extremely expensive for individual rideshare drivers to obtain.  We will always be available to answer any questions that clients may have.


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