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Why use a tax agent for Uber driving and what expenses can I claim?

Why use a tax agent for rideshare work?

Why use a tax agent?

  • Have confidence that your tax return has been completed correctly.  We stay up to date on all IRD  and rideshare related changes and have developed software to check Uber income and fees correctly.
  • Know that your tax bill has been minimised as much as possible
  • Have someone you can always call on for tax queries and earnings statements for vehicle/property finance applications, “working for families”etc
Uber tax agent tax returns

Uber tax returns

  • Tax returns can be sorted via email/phone wherever you are in the country or world!
  • Very affordable fixed price fees from $199.
  • Up until now the IRD have seemed to turn a blind eye to the large number of drivers not doing tax returns.  However, that appears to be changing so it would be wise to get your return done now (Rideshare Consultants is an IRD approved Tax Agent).
Uber and rideshare tax expense claims

What expenses can I claim?

To pay the least income tax possible you will want to deduct your business related expenditure from your income. We can provide you with a full list of all the expenses you can claim including some you may not have considered.

Income tax and GST for Uber

Income tax and GST

As an "independent provider of transportation services" you will be responsible for your own taxes when driving for rideshare companies.  Using Uber as an example your total or gross revenue/turnover will be the fares that the customers pay (standard fares, surge, cancellation fees, waiting time, booking fees, airport tolls) not just what comes into your bank account. You are then able to deduct the rideshare related expenses (including the Uber fee) you have incurred, to calculate your taxable profit.  (To address the confusion of some drivers, income tax and GST are separate taxes.  Everyone needs to pay income tax, but not all drivers need to register for GST - see below). Note: Ola has a slightly different model - contact us for more info.

Under IRD rules if your gross revenue/turnover is over $60,000 per year, or your prices include GST you need to register for GST (this does not include paye salary/wages from another job you may have).  So if the total fares that customers have paid for your services is over or likely to be over $60k you will need to register for GST.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your situation.

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