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  • If you happen to drive a Toyota - contact Zuber Mohammed at North Western Toyota NEW LYNN. North Western Toyota New Lynn is the only branch that offers RIDESHARE DRIVER Discounts on GENUINE TOYOTA PARTS. 
  • EMAILING is Highly encouraged : Mohammed@NWT.CO.NZ
  • 5 DELTA AVENUE, NEW LYNN Parts Department Open Monday to Friday 7:30AM - 4:30PM

  • InaRush is a new on-demand delivery service.
  • For businesses and personal use.  Like Uber, but for packages
  • Live tracking from pick-up to delivery
  • Great extra app for Rideshare drivers!  New minimum job payout much higher than Uber!
  • TaxSnaps is an awesome app for recording your expenses.  You take a photo of receipt and it is then stored in the cloud and records all details and is categorised for expense reports.
  • I use this app myself and never have to worry about faded or lost receipts which must be kept for seven years
  • Contact me for 15% discount code for annual subscriptions
  • If you are looking to lease a car, I highly recommend TravelBee
  • Leasing a car can be a great option and this company is highly experienced in the Rideshare industry
  • Every driver needs a dashcam
  • I was involved in a hit and run and I avoided paying the $1000 excess because I had clear footage of the incident
  • Protect yourself and your car
  • The Rideshare Guy website has a wealth of information regarding rideshare driving
  • USA website, but a lot of content is still relevant for NZ drivers


Rideshare Consultants has financial relationships with some of the companies mentioned here.


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