How much do Uber drivers make in New Zealand (NZ)?

It is quite difficult to work out how much Uber drivers make in NZ, but I believe the average full-time driver working civilised hours in a Toyota Prius or similar car, cannot expect to make much more than minimum wage.  The fares are low and the current Uber fee is high (28% to 34% - when including booking fee). (Earnings will vary between cities so it may be a good idea to lease a car first to see what you can make.)

This is based on average earnings (after the Uber fee) of $25-$30 per hour (sometimes more, sometimes less, but this is an average I see on a regular basis). Part-time drivers who only work Friday and Saturday nights into the early hours of the morning can sometimes earn well over $30 an hour before expenses.  Expenses to come off drivers earnings will be anywhere from approx 25-50% depending on individual circumstances.

When you take into account the fact that many drivers are leasing cars or have high interest loans on their vehicles, the earnings will be even lower.  Also, people in expensive or uneconomical cars will have much lower earnings due to higher depreciation and increased fuel costs.

There are also the variable factors of major repair bills, illness and inevitable accidents that make driving for Uber full-time quite a precarious situation.  In addition drivers can be removed from the app at anytime without notice.  I personally know of many cases where this has happened based on a dubious rider complaint and the driver has not been given the chance to defend themselves.

How much do Uber drivers make in New Zealand (NZ)?

If your main motivation is money I would not recommend driving for Uber full-time.  Driving part-time means you can avoid GST registration and work during busy times and events when earnings can be much better. Driving part-time can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Another factor is that due to drivers self employed status they obviously miss out on holiday pay, public holidays, sick leave, paid rest breaks and minimum wage protections. 

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